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Investigator Belgium

We collect detailed information on behalf of insurance companies, firms, lawyers and private individuals. We have the necessary expertise in background research, internet research and customer experience surveys.

Pre-employment screening.

For example:

    • You would like to have a background check of a few talented candidates, during the selection process for a safety officer job in your company.

Fact finding investigation & interviews

For example:

    • During a fact finding investigation, an inquiry is conducted into the manner in which an incident or event took place.

    • E.g. fact finding investigations or fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies.

Mystery shopping & test purchases.

For example:

    • Your company receives a complaint concerning your customer services. Our detective agency can pass by as a “mystery guest”. After conducting the mystery shopping visits, our private detectives write a detailed comprehensive report about the quality of the service being provided.

Integrity check or tracing of business relationships.

For example:

    • You are considering setting up a company with a business partner. You ask for detailed information about your future associate, because you notice inconsistencies in his statements.
    • You want to track down a particular debtor, because of various unpaid bills.

Open source investigations (Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist®).

Open source intelligence ( OSINT ) refers to the collection of information from all publicly available sources, such as the internet. It is a transparent technique to reveal online traces that are hidden at first sight. As a “Certified Open Source Intelligence Specialist”, we use legitimate tools to screen individuals, find evidence and detect fraud.

With the help of internet search tools, we can make a breakthrough in investigative services and fraud investigations. Moreover, web research brings cost and time savings, e.g. in carrying out screenings and morality investigations. Thanks to the OSINT methodology, we can collect information from open sources, process it and convert it into crucial information. You obtain additional photos, videos, audio files and written tekst, that are useful for your case. The results of web research can form the basis for a short-term – and therefore less costly – surveillance, in order to collect further evidence in real life.

Some examples of assignments:

    • to search for unauthorised employment of your employee;
    • to search for a place of residence or domicile;
    • to search for stolen goods or illegal merchandise;
    • to look for extra information during an integrity investigation of an employee or a business partner;
    • to search for all social media accounts of a debtor;
    • to analyze photo’s and video files.

Data analysis.

We work in close collaboration with an IT-consultancy agency in the areas of data analysis, data visualisation, data management and fraud investigations.

“Big data” is reshaping our society. There is an exponential growth of data files and databases, with a mass of information. Data analysis shows connections that the human eye can barely see. It is a digital technique that accelerates and improves the detection of fraud. Data analysis (intelligence) combines information with analysis and connection.

Every enquiry starts with a concrete research question and the present databases. Data analysis makes patterns transparent and detects possible deviations. Our visualisation tool provides a schematic representation of trends, outliers and patterns in data. All data files will be complete and accurate. Thanks to data analysis, months of work can be reduced to a few days.

Example of a data analysis assignment, in case of suspicion of fraud:

    • The management of a hotel chain requests for a report on all discrepancies between hotel reservations and invoices, food & beverage and invoices as well as guest supplies and invoices.