investigation adultery

As a client, you can choose to get individual coaching and advice, as a qualitative alternative to an investigation or a screening. We can act as a “sparring partner”, to exchange ideas and to consider different options. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to start an individual coaching process.

Private investigations

Our private detectives are intensively engaged in conducting investigation services, screenings and research. Several business executives and private individuals ask for additional support and feedback. In such a case you can enable us for advice, during or after the investigation (for example: aftercare). In this way, you will succeed in ending your conflict or uncertain situation.

At your request, we look at the desired situation together, after which you will formulate your own insights and creative solutions. We act as a “sparring partner”, to stimulate your problem-solving capacities.


You can also start an individual coaching process. Personal coaching helps you to get a better idea of your strengths, talents and passions, giving you more self-confidence and enthusiasm in life. After the individual coaching program, you are more flexible in your way of communicating and you have more options to choose. We trust that you can rely on your own emotional intelligence (EQ).

“There is no problem that escapes the hope”. (Dirk De Wachter)