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investigation adultery

We are go-getting fraud investigators and we collect evidence in your fight against injustice. Our private intelligence agency consists of a team of trilingual licensed private detectives, with certificates in business management, internet research, digital data analysis, social work and coaching.

EQ-Investigations is managed by Elien Lammertyn.
For professional reasons, we do not place any personal photographs on this website.
However, please do not hesitate to contact us for a one-on-one conversation.

Incentives (WHY?)

By means of research activities and/or coaching, we want to offer you perspective, even in difficult circumstances where you -as an entrepreneur, lawyer or citizen- are confronted with uncertainties, setbacks or criminal offences. We hope that you can “reboot” after our collaboration, thanks to an objective investigation report, a better insight into your case and – if desired – more “tools” to deal with your challenge.

We strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach. Clients often ask us why we offer a combination of investigations and coaching services. Well, this choice is linked to our confidence in the power of emotional intelligence (EQ), hence the name “EQ-Investigations”.

Offer (WHAT?)

We offer tactical investigation services, digital research and professional coaching. This offer relates to our passion for truth-finding, research and coaching.

The offer of professional coaching services is always without any obligation. If you don’t need specific advice or coaching, we won’t take any initiative. We will never force the method of coaching or consultancy. A private investigation often offers more than enough results. If appropriate, we will discreetly refer you to experts from our network, such as a mediator in acquisitions or family disputes.

On the other hand, we will never claim that all problems can be solved through investigation services. That’s why we sometimes advice to start an individual coaching program. In this way, you will succeed in ending your conflict or uncertain situation. For example: an entrepreneur asks for leadership tools to deal with inappropriate behavior in his team.

Approach (HOW?)

Emotional intelligence can cause a breakthrough in investigations to discover the truth and to unmask the fraudster.

EQ also means that we, as researchers, are constantly aware of our own assumptions and beliefs, which enables us to handle your case in an open and constructive way.

Third, we trust that every client can rely on his own emotional intelligence (EQ) and is able to make successful choices, if he/she is willing to be introspective. With the help of EQ, a solution or an improvement will be possible, even if your situation seems to be very complex.