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We collect valid evidence for business managers, executives or associates who are confronted with fraud. We search for the truth through the objective determination of facts and events. Common research assignments:
For example:
    • A commercial employee makes a lot of overtime without a clearly identifiable reason.
    • A staff member visits places and regions that have nothing to do with his job.
    • A senior employee is regularly unauthorized absent and works for another employer in the same industry.
    • A laborer misuses company resources, to develop his own illegal trade.
For example:
    • A staff member is planning to leave the company and signs a non-compete agreement. After leaving his job, he violates the non-compete clause and spreads false rumors about your company.
    • A swindler (“fence”) or third party sells your corporate assets on the black market, at a bargain price.
    • An employee is involved in excessive expenditure of company credit cards and accounting fraud.
For example:
    • Someone misappropriates trade secrets and provides confidential or inaccurate information to competitors and customers. As a result, there is a falling turnover and a breach of confidence.
For example:
    • There is a case of subtle, nonverbal workplace harassment in your company. Loyal employees lose their motivation.

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