signing a contract

We arrange an appointment at our office or at another location in Belgium. A licensed investigator will ask information about the purpose and goals of the investigation, to collect any relevant information about your case. We discuss the legal possibilities and feasibility of the investigation as requested. We would like to offer you some perspective, even in difficult circumstances. We rely on emotional intelligence (EQ) and empathy to achieve a breakthrough. We care about your feelings. For example, we will never promise that we will find a missing person if there is no indication at all.

If you agree with our proposal and action plan, we will discuss and sign a private detective agreement. Then the private detective(s) start(s) the assignment and choose(s) the appropriate working method(s). For example: a discreet pursuit, webresearch, data analytics, file study, door-to-door enquiries, static surveillance, interrogations or short-term infiltration (for instance: mystery guest). 

Your handler keeps you informed daily of the findings (by phone, report or e-mail). We charge transparent tariffs, which are discussed in detail during our introductury meeting. The prearranged requests concerning time limits, prices and research areas are taken into account.

You’ll receive a full report when the research has been completed. An investigative report is written to provide you with a detail analysis on the findings of the investigation. The comprehensive report contains observation sessions, documents and photographic/video evidence. We ensure that the report is accurate to the findings of the investigation.