Private Detectives Bruges Ostend

We collect legally valid evidence and counter evidence for citizens who are confronted with uncertainties, setbacks, criminal offences of family disputes. We try to give you clear answers by means of a discrete and objective private investigation.

Investigations of time allocation of your child or another family member.

For example:

    • Your child goes missing temporarily. There is a suspicion of drug use and a bad circle of friends.

    • Your daughter is the victim of a stalking offender.

Investigation concerning the whereabouts of your spouse.

For example:

    • We are looking for elements which prove unreasonable behavior and the irreparable breach of the marriage. More specifically, it concerns the lasting dislocation of marriage (for example evidence of adultery, a serious mistake, gambling addiction,…).

Investigation during/after the divorce proceedings.

For example:

    • We conduct family law investigations concerning custody disputes, co-parenting, alimony issues, property distribution, maintenance, benefits between former spouses or observation of visitation.

Retrieval of the residential address of a person concerned.

For example:

    • A tenant had disappeared and cannot be found. Everything has yet to be arranged. It’s in your interest to find this person quickly.

A quest for a dearly loved person.

For example:

    • You need to trace a heir-at-law or find a missing family member.

A professional screening of individuals.

We write a legitimate investigation report on the background and lifestyle of a person concerned. Please click on the following link for more information: Screening & Research.