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Private Detectives Bruges Ostend

Are you interested in a meaningful collaboration, in your case against injustice or fraud? Do you need evidence and decisive information, at a reasonable rate?

Inquiries & evidence gathering

Is a time-use investigation concerning a private individual or additional information needed because of fraud prevention needs? We collect legally valid evidence and rebuttal evidence for citizens facing uncertainties, setbacks, criminal offenses or family disputes.

Legitimate private investigations

We try to give you clear background info through a discreet and objective private investigation. May we kindly ask you not to contact us in case of inquiries out of curiosity? In such a case we really cannot help you. EQ-investigations can only offer an added value if there is a legitimate interest and if you have a thorough reason for hiring a private investigator.

We do not conduct searches for missing persons or children. Please contact the Police or the Missing Persons Unit or Child Focus Belgium as soon as possible in such a case. It goes without saying that every second counts in emergency cases such as a disappearance.

Background info & no-nonsense consultancy

Feel free to read our links-webpage with all kinds of informative websites for citizens, entrepreneurs and HR professionals. Check out our consultancy and coaching page, in case you would be interested in a second opinion or a sparring partner.