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We keep the affairs of current and former clients confidential. You can rely on us. We are used to handling delicate and highly confidential cases without passing unnecessary judgements. We act in an inconspicuous manner during surveillances and door-to-door enquiries. When we carry out an internet investigation or a data analysis, we make sure that no digital traces are left behind.

Our duty of confidentiality is regulated by contractual agreements (subject to the provisions of Article 16, § 2 of the law regulating the profession of private detective, the contractor undertakes not to divulge the information obtained in the performance of his assignment to persons other than the principal). In certain exceptional cases, private investigators are subject to the duty of notification (for example: when the investigator suddenly witnesses a burglary during his investigation).

At your explicit request, EQ-investigations will contact certain experts to increase the success rate of the investigation. In this context, we think, for example, of hiring an interpreter or a cybercrime specialist. This only happens if you give us your prior written consent. The identification details of these third parties are clearly stated in our agreement. In addition, your right to privacy is guaranteed by means of a data processing agreement between the client (as a data controller) and our detective agency (as a data processor).