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We are at the service of citizens, insurance companies, lawyers, entrepreneurs or executives. For example, our detective agency is regularly requested to investigate corporate fraud, e.g. an observation of an employee or subcontractor as a result of theft, handling stolen goods, scams, violation of trade secrets or violation of the non-compete clause. This could result in a dismissal for cause. Companies are also asking for data analysis, e.g. to investigate discrepancies between inventory and sales.

Screening applicants is also part of our range of tasks, e.g. analysis of resumé and integrity in security professions, always taking into account the GDPR. In addition, we regularly carry out mystery guest assignments in the retail branch, in which we review the quality of the service and provide constructive feedback.

At the request of citizens and lawyers, we take testimonies or look for evidence in criminal or civil cases, such as cases concerning stalking, visitation rights, spousal maintenance, custody rights and domicile fraud. Internet research can be used, for example, to trace interested parties or to retrieve stolen goods.

Investigating insurance fraud is also part of our range of duties. In such a case, an insurance company has been deliberately misled and the suspected fraudster aims to gain undue advantage. In case of dubious claims, we take a statement, on a voluntary basis, from the policyholder.

We can also accept assignments from government agencies, if we obtain a prior explicit consent from the Ministry of the Interior. For example, we can investigate fraudulent behaviours on the part of a civil servant.

We are happy to serve you, provided a transparent research objective and a clear assignment description. We never accept mission requests of citizens or business executives who wish to set up hacking, tracing or spy applications, as doing so is inconsistent with our values and the legislation in force.