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Detective agency EQ-Investigations only takes on assignments with (a possibility of) a high succes rate. Our team does everything possible reveal the truth, to fight injustice and fraud. However, we will never promise you a 100% success rate because in our profession it is impossible to make predictions. Human behaviour and associated fraudulent activities can never be predicted in advance. Thanks to our cooperation with experts and experienced private investigators, there are many opportunities.

You can consider the combination of a private detective and a bailiff. In such a case, our private detectives carry out the preliminary investigation, after which your bailiff will come to the scene to make the official determination. In order to handle your case in court, the judicial officer can make a determination and draw up an official report, the content of which is covered with special probative value. The final report of our private detectives can also be used in court at any time.

A lot of (un)expected factors can have a positive and negative influence on the outcome of the investigation. The more data you provide us with, the higher the chance of success. Every detail can be important sooner or later. It is in your utmost interest to inform as few people as possible throughout the investigation. In this way a so-called data breach can be avoided.

We inform you on a daily basis. We consider as much as possible all the pros, cons and possible risks. There is usually a “plan B” with other working methods available, in case the situation suddenly changes. We do our utmost to find evidence, seven days a week and also during the night, if necessary. At the same time we always respect the current legislation.