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As a victim, you can decide to take a civil claim to court. In such a case you report to the investigating judge that you have suffered damage as a result of a misconduct or a crime, e.g. the crime of slander and defamation. In such a case, you can hire a licensed private investigator.

A private investigator is allowed to investigate the civil consequences of a crime, for example an investigation into the damage caused by a theft. Another example is a case of stalking, in which the client is a victim and urgently needs evidence.

Together we consider the most suitable scenarios to investigate the consequences of the crime. This can be a combination of several methods, for example an interview with an employee, a surveillance mission at a factory and an internet research for certain stolen goods. EQ-Investigations always respects Belgian and European legislation. We want to avoid that research results are invalid as a result of e.g. “incitement” or “invasion of privacy”. When drawing up the action plan, we take the proportionality and subsidiarity principles into account. Each researcher tries to choose the least onerous or burdensome method in order to achieve the research objective. And the research method(s) chosen must be proportional to the objective of the assignment and must be applied as briefly and as specifically as possible.

Any Belgian researcher investigating the civil consequences of a crime should respect “the duty of notification”. Your contact person will discuss this (discrete) procedure with you in advance, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.