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We are regularly on the road to investigate individuals’ time use or to take statements. Due to our geographical location, we are often on the road in the West-Flemish districts of Bruges, Roeselare, Diksmuide, Tielt, Ypres, Kortrijk, Ostend and Veurne. But we also operate in the eastern flemish districts Ghent, Eeklo, Oudenaarde, Aalst, Dendermonde and Sint-Niklaas. Our investigations are certainly not limited to the above-mentioned regions, as our team also works regularly in the provinces of Flemish Brabant, Antwerp and Limburg, as well as in the Brussels-Capital Region and Wallonia, particularly in the provinces of Hainaut, Walloon Brabant, Namur, Belgian Luxembourg and Liège.

In short, we operate everywhere on the Belgian territory, and also regularly outside our country’s borders. We charge reasonable mileage rates, which are always agreed contractually in advance. We cannot estimate the exact number of kilometres in advance, but by mutual agreement, we clearly agree in which regions or countries it is possible to work or not.

Belgian detective agency EQ-investigations is centrally located in West Flanders. We can also meet at your company or at a discrete, publicly accessible establishment in a city near your location. We speak and write Dutch, French and English. We work together with an experienced team of private investigators who know your area well.