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Depending on the type of research you require, we obtain information via:

    • publicly available resources and business directories, which are checked for authenticity and “fake news”;
    • advanced searches on the internet and darknet as well as discrete social media analysis (as an Open Source Intelligence Expert ®);
    • door-to-door enquiries, if there is no risk of “incineration” of the assignment;
    • witness statements, interviews and questioning subject to the prior consent of the person in question;
    • desk research, e.g. a detailed analysis of records, photographs and video recordings;
    • our select network of multidisciplinary experts, subject to your prior consent;
    • legitimate data extraction using API’s or open sources;
    • digital data analysis, when the client -as entrepreneur- provides the data and figures;
    • discrete, goal-oriented, short-term, mobile and static surveillance missions (no long-term monitoring; no investigations without a legitimate interest);
    • short-term, targeted undercover missions, if there are no other investigative options for truth-finding.