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The Belgian law of 19 July 1991, regulating the occupation of private detective, applies to investigation services that take place on Belgian territory. We regularly get the question whether or not we, as private investigators with a Belgian licence, can carry out investigations abroad. For example, we might be thinking of a case of a cross-border investigation, where the person concerned lives in the border region on Belgian territory but regularly travels to a neighbouring country to do his job.

Each case is considered individually, as we have to take into account the specific regulations on private investigation in the region where we will be conducting the investigation. Therefore, before accepting an assignment abroad, we check the local legislation and contact the regulatory agency if necessary. Usually, we prefer to cooperate with a certified private investigation agency in the relevant region.

For practical and legal reasons, EQ-Investigations limits its field investigations to the European territory, taking into account the AVG (GDPR). When carrying out international online deskresearch assignments, we respect the privacy legislation. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs, citizens and lawyers. For example, an alimony investigation or a quest to recover a stolen company car.

We only accept an assignment abroad if there are any leads and if a clear briefing is given. We discuss a transparent offer in advance, with clear agreements on rates, costs and accommodation expenses. We will keep you informed on a daily basis. The final report includes a chronological description of facts and events, with photos or video recordings.