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From time to time clients ask us if they can cooperate during the surveillance mission. We also notice that some clients are in the vicinity of the observation sites during the investigation of our private detectives. However, this is not appropriate due to the risk of “incineration” of the assignment. Our investigators have every interest in working in complete discretion and anonymity. In this way the research results will not be affected by an unnecessary presence of the client.

In both private and corporate investigations, it is very important that as few employees / local residents as possible are aware of the investigation. If the fraudster is suspicious, he/she will change his/her testimonial or his/her behaviour. In such a case, it becomes very difficult to collect objective findings. However, you can help us with useful tips on the “target”, his/her professional contacts and his/her habits.

As a stakeholder, e.g. as a victim or as a suspect of a crime, you can search for exculpatory or incriminatory elements concerning your criminal proceeding. You have the right to gather evidence, in order to compose a strong claim. It is appropriate to confer with your solicitor as much as possible, including on the gathering and preservation of legitimate evidence.